Ori Green completed his undergraduate studies at Tel-Aviv University in 2014, earning his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Continuing his academic journey, Ori pursued both his Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees in Organic Chemistry at Tel-Aviv University, working under the guidance of Professor Doron Shabat (2014-2020). In April 2020, he started a postdoctoral position at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, under the mentorship of Professor Bill Morandi, where he explored new horizons in reaction development and chemical methodologies. He was honored with the “Jortner Prize” award and was granted the International Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) postdoctoral fellowship and the Rothschild Fellowship (Yad Hanadiv). With a strong interest in the interface of chemistry with biology, Ori’s research program focuses on developing strategies for visualizing and sensing elusive analytes and developing techniques for chemical post-transitional modification. In January 2024, he will start his independent career as a tenure-track assistant professor at the Technion, Haifa, Israel (Israel Institute of Technology).